Shah’s NO NO




You know that feeling when that one pesky remaining selection ruins your combo bet at the last minute?


The Shah knows the feeling and supports you!


With Shah's NO-NO, all lost combo bets receive a percentage of the stake back.



How to participate


Choose three or more selections at odds of 1.5 and above and bet no less than 10 EUR.


Select the cashback promotion from within your bet slip and hope for a winner. In case your combo fails, you will get cashback as follows:


3-4 selections = 5%

5-6 selections = 10%

7 selections = 15%

8 selections = 20%

9 selections = 25%

10+ selections = 30%



Shah's Terms


This promotion is valid between December 15, 2019, and December 15, 2020.


Customers need to add at least three selections at odds of 1.5 and above to their bet slip to take part in this promotion. Two selections at 1.5 or higher and one at 1.49 or lower will not qualify for extra winnings.


Voided selections as a result of canceled games will not participate in combo bets. They will reduce your cashback amount or render you ineligible.


BetShah reserves the right to cancel all winnings accumulated via the Shah's NO-NO promotion in case of abuse or an unfair advantage.


Each customer participating in the promotion acknowledges having read and accepted these terms and conditions.


BetShah reserves the right to change or cancel this campaign at any time and for any reason.


General Terms and Conditions apply.